Why O'Brien

  • Centrally located in the upper Midwest
  • Efficient access to markets
  • Business-friendly labor force
  • High worker productivity


We are your "GO TO" team.  Our job is to make it as easy and painless as possible to locate or expand your business in O'Brien County. Have a question?  Need advice? Don't know where to go or who to contact?   Let us do the work for you.

  • Business expansion
  • New business start-ups
  • How to get organized
  • Business plans
  • Marketing plans
  • Research

Available Buildings and Sites
Financial Assistance
Workforce Training

and so much more. Fire off an e-mail if you'd like more information, print out this brochure, or give us a call at 712-957-1313.  Email  ocedc@tcaexpress.net


Northwest Iowa Community College offers highly skilled instructors, up-do-date technology, plus a desire to offer unparalleled customer service that has given the Business & Industry Center at NCC a reputation as a quality, results-oriented training institution.  Please visit the Business & Industry Department at www.nwicc.edu for more information or contact below:

Jason Anderson, Director of Economic Development & Workforce Training
Northwest Iowa Community College
Business & Industry Center
(712) 324-5066 ext. 194
(800) 352-4907 ext. 194


It's a potentially windy time in O'Brien County, but that's a GOOD thing. Team O'Brien is working with several wind farm developers who consider the county to be a very smart place to erect massive wind turbines, thereby continuing our fine tradition of harnessing renewable assets.

Our office has been focusing on business recruitment and retention in the advanced manufacturing, information technologies and life sciences and arts and culture sectors. Our successful recruitment of Bogenrief Studios will substantially support additional recruitment for the arts.

Why do we work so hard?  We want to bring more businesses to O'Brien County and to diversity our business base. With those businesses come jobs.  With jobs we have increased population growth as people bring their families to live here. With increased population growth we have more buyers of our goods and services, and more people to add to our circle of friends.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of this exciting endeavor?

We would like to thank our Board of Directors, committee members, staff, and the financial support of the county, cities, banks and private industries who make this all possible.


Advanced Manufacturing - actively recruiting across the nation.

Nanotechnology - working with Northwest Iowa Community College on exploring curriculum and programs to better leverage NCC's high caliber electronics disciplines, thereby ensuring a qualified, educated workforce ready for the future.

Renewable Energy - pursuing three wind farm developments along Buffalo Ridge.  O'Brien County will be in the geographic center of countless wind farms in the Midwest.  We have the land and infrastructure resources plus our central location will ensure the most efficient transportation and distribution times. Our goal is to promote our attractive incentive packages to attract vendor businesses and to work with our college to develop custom-designed workforce training programs.

To facilitate growth of the wind industry in Iowa, and O'Brien County, we must be competitive with other states. State incentives can be found by clicking here.

Iowa has done well by taking that first step of a renewable energy requirement, but the wind industry has greater confidence in a Renewable Portfolio Standard. A great explanation of the portfolio can be found by clicking here.

Value-Added Ag - dairy, dairy, dairy and soy diesel as well as biotechnology projects are getting our attention

Tourism & Recreation:  - Prairie Heritage Center ground has been purchased, the building is designed and fundraising is underway!

As you can see, something is always going on with the OCEDC!

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