Glacial Trail Scenic By-way Day Trip

Glacial Trail Scenic By-way is a pleasant 36 mile loop through O’Brien and Clay counties.  Follow Hi-way 10 East from Sutherland to M12 blacktop, turn or stay on Hi-way 10, the loop will bring you back to where you started. 

A turn onto M12 will take you to Dog Creek where fishing, camping, swimming and picnicking can be enjoyed. The By-way will take you through the historic towns of Linn Grove and Peterson and pass where O’Brien, the first town in O’Brien County, was located. 

Save plenty of time to enjoy The Prairie Heritage Center as the Trail takes you back toward Sutherland. You can wander through the historic Heritage Center and hike to the old Waterman cemetery where the first people in O’Brien County settled. Buffalo roam near the Heritage center. 

Back on Hi-way 10 you will cross the Little Sioux River where you will see the Austin hill and prairie. A turn south onto Wilson Avenue will take you to see the Dutch Fred Immigrant Grave in the distance. Another hike to see his grave marker would end a very pleasant day. 

If you want to see more, head back to Hi-way 10, cross onto Wilson Avenue and follow the winding road where you can stop by the Little Sioux River and see the Waterman Wildlife Addition. Turn east onto Waterman Blvd to another long hill where you will come to the Hill Scenic picnic area where the view is stunning. Return to the Austin hill on Hi-way 10, turn back onto the Glacial Trail and you will return to where you started.

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