Cows in a fieldLiving the Good Life in O'Brien County, Iowa
O'Brien County, Iowa is the perfect choice for your dairy's success. Our proven production track record and growing expertise is deeply rooted throughout our society, and is sustained by integrity, un-paralleled work ethic, practical business sense and a wholesome lifestyle for your family.   

Why O'Brien County?

Young cows in a field
O'Brien County would be a great place to locate your dairy operation and here's why:

  • Dairy friendly community - we want you!
  • Ideal sites for all size operations
  • Abundant high-quality water supply
  • Plentiful feed at low cost
  • Turn key developers for new construction
  • Ample low-cost reliable energy
  • Local and area marketing of dairy products
  • Excellent system of farm to market roads and highways
  • Permitting assistance
  • Incentives
  • Reliable quality replacement programs
  • Top-notch veterinary services
  • Commercial manure application
  • Long term marketing assurances possible and most importantly, the quality of life you are looking for

For more information or to arrange a tour contact:


O'Brien County Economic Development at 712-957-1313 or e-mail ocedc@tcaexpress.net

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