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Welcome to Archer! 




Sandy Fritz, City Clerk
PO Box 167, Archer, IA 51231


Archer is a charming community tucked away from the hustle and bustle of larger towns, with well-kept neighborhoods and friendly people. Archer provides an opportunity for business and a great place to raise a family.

Archer, Iowa is located 5 miles south of Highway 18 and County B40 in O'Brien County. It is 35 minutes northeast of Cherokee, Iowa and less than an hour away from the Iowa Great Lakes region.


Archer, Iowa



Local Supplier: Mid-American Energy
Electrical Source: Port Neal generating plant
Primary Voltage: 13,800
Average residential rate: Available upon request
Average commercial rate: Available upon request
Average industrial rate: Available upon request

Supplier: Osceola Rural Water
Source of city water: well
Elevated storage capacity: underground service
Capacity of water plant: n/a
Average consumption: n/a
Peak consumption: n/a

Natural Gas:
Name of local distributor: Mid-American Energy
Note: an entire new system has been installed in Archer
Type sewage treatment plant: two-cell lagoon
Percent of community served 100%
Average load 90,000 gpd
Peak load 200,000 gpd
Design capacity 135,000 gpd

Telephone and Internet Access:
CML Telephone Cooperative Association
Iowa Telecom with dial-up service
Municipal ISDN
Cable TV:  Yes

Type of Government:  Mayor and 5 member city council. Mayor is elected every 2 years and Council members every 4 years on a staggered basis.

Management: City Clerk

Zoning: No

Fire Department: 20 member volunteer fire department with rescue unit

Fire Insurance Classification: 7 inside city limits, 10 outside city limits

Police Protection: O'Brien County Sheriff's Department

Industrial waste pickup: yes

% of City streets hard surfaced: 95%

Agri-Business & Manufacturing

Comments from business owners:

"There is a good workforce available including high quality part-time people. Living in a smaller community is great compared to a large city".

Dave DeKok, President, DK Plastics
Assessed value of property in city: $2,553,661
Tax rate per $1000 assessed value: 25.568
Bonding capacity: $127,680
Future indebtedness plans: -0-

Available buildings and properties:
Available upon request

Air Service: 10 minutes to nearest regional airport featuring a 4,199 foot concrete runway with VOR, Unicom, non-directional beacon. Charter service available. 60 minutes to nearest commercial airport

Highways: Served by County B30 and County L40 with I- 90 45 minutes away.

Archer students attend the Sheldon Community School District. The Sheldon School District provides quality education to K-12 students. K-4 students attend East Elementary School; 5th-8th graders attend the Sheldon Middle School and 9-12 attend the Sheldon High School facility.

Archer Reformed Church
United Methodist Church

Health Care

Quality health care for your family is provided in nearby Sheldon Iowa.

Day Care
Our children are our most treasured asset. Their care, safety and well-being is of prime importance to people in Archer.

Recreation and Tourism
Archer has a lovely city park with playground and a softball diamond. Things to do throughout the year include the springtime annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children, the Archer Ambulance Team benefit, and the Old Time Fiddler’s Festival. During the summer softball teams converge upon Archer for weekend tourneys and in the fall the fire department holds a benefit; a local church celebrates the harvest season with Lord’s Acre Day, and people turn out for the community Halloween Party. The year is brought to a close with a Christmas Party for the kids.

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