O'Brien County VAA Hall of Fame

Nominations for the O’Brien County Agriculture Steering Committee's Agriculture Hall of Fame are accepted year round and they are reviewed and awarded annually. The O’Brien County Value Added Agriculture Steering Committee established their annual Agriculture Hall of Fame Awards in 2001 to recognize outstanding citizens who make significant contributions to the agricultural community of O’Brien County and to encourage participation in the ag sector.

Any person who is a resident of O’Brien County or engages in Ag related activity in the county is eligible for this award.  The successful candidate must have demonstrated leadership, stewardship, community service and service to the agricultural industry.  Nomination forms are available at O’Brien County Economic Development and by following the link below. 

For additional information on O’Brien County Agriculture Hall of Fame Nominations, contact Kiana Johnson, O’Brien County Economic Development at 712.957.1313 or e-mail obriencountyed@outlook.com.

CLICK HERE for nomination form.

O'Brien County Value Added Ag Hall of Fame Recipients

2001 Travis Potter
2002 Marlin Oosterhuis
2003 Fred Van Loh
2004 Bill Wagner
2006 Daryl Haack
2007 Paul Mugge
2008 Robert Henning
2009 Larry Peelen
2010 Dave Rausch
2011 Eric Kumm
2012 Brad McDowell
2013 Gary Doppenberg
2014 Gerald Leng
2015 Darwin Gaudian
2016 Craig Struve
2016 Triple R Welding
2017 Rodd Holtkamp
2017 O’Brien County Implement
2018 Denise Steffen
2018 Dan Hunt
2019 Nicholson & Edwards Grain Co.
2019 Kirk Struve
2020 Scott Chrisman
2020 Jamie Sickelka
2021 Tom’s Repair
2021 Burdette Faust
2022 Duane Wahlstrom
2022 Gail Maurer
2023 Dudley McDowell
2023 Archer Cooperative Grain Company