POET Biorefining Electrician Intern


4970 26th Street, Ashton, IA 51232 712.724.5200

POET Bioprocessing, located in Ashton, IA, produces 56 million gallons of ethanol annually and is the 18th ethanol plant built by POET Design & Construction and the 12th plant to be managed by POET who began building ethanol plants in the 1980s. With cooperation of the many local leaders and in partnership with members of the agricultural community and the state political leadership, POET Biorefining is excited to bring more value-added agriculture to the state of Iowa. Ethanol production by POET Bioprocessing consumes about 16 million bushels of corn from the region and provides not only an environmentally friendly fuel, but also a valuable high quality livestock feed for local, regional and national markets. POET Bioprocessing began full production in April 2004.

The Electrician Intern will work with the Plant Electrician to learn plant systems and sub-systems from an electrical perspective. Team Members in this role will learn how to safely and efficiently repair electrical issues throughout the plant. Team Members will work with the Operations and Maintenance Departments to ensure all electrical and instrumentation equipment is working up to standard.

Desired Qualifications:


  • You are highly energetic and eager to solve problems.
  • You pay attention to the details. For you, anything worth doing is worth doing right.
  • You’re a team player and know the importance of working together.
  • You have an optimistic attitude.
  • You’re a learner. You’re not afraid of taking on new things and stretching yourself.
  • You’re not afraid to ask questions.
  • You are currently enrolled in a tech school in the electrical field.
  • You have knowledge of standard electrical equipment and work practices.
  • You have excellent organizational , time management, and communication skills as well as the ability to adapt to change.
  • You know the basics of Microsoft Office Suite. You’re capable of learning new programs.

Application Instructions:

POET is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). POET complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws regarding hiring and employment. Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.

Apply online at https://www.poet.com/careers/




  • Troubleshoot electrical equipment throughout the plant.
  • Work alongside the Plant Electrician performing project work orders.
  • Run conduit and work with Sioux Falls Automation Team on new equipment installations.
  • Learn operations of the biorefinery, including the DCS system.
  • Respond to reactive situations if the need arises (from an electrical perspective). An example of this would be to troubleshoot an actuator that is not functioning properly.
  • Since we’re all about teamwork and getting the job done, your skill may be put to a lot of other uses!

Location: 4970 260th ST., Ashton, IA 51232

Open: Thursday July 28th

Close: Wednesday August 31st 2022