O'Brien County Ranks #6 in Top Giving Counties in Iowa

As reported on kiwaradio.com

Statewide Iowa — We all know Iowa is a great place to live, and that’s due in large part to the folks that live here, and their generosity in helping others.On average, Iowans give more money to charity that people in Illinois, Wisconsin or Minnesota.

According to data compiled by Philanthropy.com, and reported by onlyinyourstate.com, three of the most generous counties in the state are right here in our area. These three were rated on percentage of their income that goes to charity, according to charitable contributions listed on their income tax forms. The numbers are based on data from 2012, the most recent year for which information is available.

The three counties in northwest Iowa are Lyon, which is rated at #10, O’Brien, which is rated #6, and Sioux, which is rated #1 out of Iowa’s 99 counties. According to the data, Lyon County residents report a giving ratio of 4.09%. Residents of O’Brien County made a median contribution of $4,720 per household, according to the study. And Sioux County’s giving ratio was calculated at 6.54%, with a median annual contribution of $6,007.


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