Henson Portable Welding in Paullina to Provide On-site Welding

Primghar, Iowa, May 5, 2022 – Toby and Lisa Henson are embarking on a new endeavor with Henson Portable Welding. Toby has been in welding for over twelve years, and both Toby and Lisa are looking forward to providing a fast, quality on-site welding service to farm and industry alike. Their goal is to assist their customers in getting back to their livelihoods as quickly and effortlessly as possible. O’Brien County Economic Development Corporation is pleased to support this new business through an O’Brien County RBDG Revolving Loan Fund Loan. 

O’Brien County Economic Development, in conjunction with the O’Brien County Revolving Loan Fund Committee, has approved financing for this business transition. The Revolving Loan Fund is used to attract, retain or expand business or industry.  Revolving loan funds may be used for the following:  Land purchases, Building purchases, Building Construction, Machinery purchases, Equipment purchases and any other uses deemed appropriate by the RLF Committee.

O’Brien County Economic Development Executive Director, Kiana Johnson, stated, “O’Brien County Economic Development Corporation is happy to be part of this business start-up. There are a wide variety of businesses and individuals that will benefit from Henson Portable Welding and we commend the innovative spirit of entrepreneurialism that is shown here.”  

For additional information on O’Brien County Revolving Loan Funds, contact Kiana Johnson, O’Brien County Economic Development at 712.957.1313 or e-mail ocedc@tcaexpress.net .